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Birth Center Stone Oak along with my midwife, Becci, helped me have no regrets in my pregnancy and delivery. Although I wasn’t able to have the delivery I imagined, I know we did everything possible and I wasn’t just swept into having unnecessary interventions. I know for a fact my interventions were medically necessary. This gives me comfort and peace. Thank you.
Melissa Gonzalez, 2017
I first came to Birth Center Stone Oak when we moved to San Antonio when I was 34 weeks pregnant with our second. I was nervous they wouldn’t take a vbac mama that close to her due date. Joi, Robin, Becci, and Julie took time to get to know me, my history, and answered all of the questions my husband, mom, and sister had for them. A birth center birth was out of the comfort zone for all of them. 7 weeks later I successfully delivered my daughter and the midwives laughed with me as I said some eloquent things about my previous provider who tried to convince me I couldn’t deliver vaginally. Fast forward two years and Becci held me while I broke down knowing I was miscarrying. Now, a year later we are on third base awaiting the arrival of number three. My husband is excited about the labor and delivery experience and says that after participating in a natural childbirth, he can’t imagine doing it any other way. Birth Center Stone Oak is a part of our story now.
Wende Reed, 2017
Moving to Texas on our own was a huge decision for us. No family nearby was new to us. When we decided to add another child to our family we were faced with new difficulties. It was hard to find an obgyn office that allowed children. Having no babysitter options we looked elsewhere. We are extremely grateful for the love and care Birth Center Stone Oak provided for us. Our children came with us at every appointment and the car ride was always filled with excitement because we would get to hear brother’s heart beat! That experience bonded us closer and made the transition to a new family of 5 smoother. It was such a comforting feeling to have knowing we were supported and welcomed. That experience created a foundation and will forever have a special place in our hearts.
Kari Frei, 2017
How did Birth Center Stone Oak NOT impacted my life?! It completely changed my views on birth, of the inner and physical strength of women, and my own strength. I came to the birth center while pregnant with my second baby. I had a horrible experience with doctors my first pregnancy, and was hopeful the second pregnancy would be different. Well there I was 20 weeks pregnancy leaving my doctor’s office balling. I was done with doctors. I looked up and called the birth center. Right away I knew it was different. They are so welcoming! It felt as if they actually wanted you to be there. I couldn’t imagine a better team of midwives. I gave birth to my daughter March 2nd and I must say it’s an experience I’ll always cherish. I can’t believe the beauty of birth and the resilience of women. I no longer think natural birth of taboo, but really the only way birth should be. Thank you Joi ,Robin, Becci and Julie for helping me grow and expand my views. I will forever be grateful.
Adriana Gabriele, 2017

Birth Center Stone Oak changed my life forever!!! I had my 3rd child there, who was totally unexpected and at the time felt very unwanted. As sad as I am to say that, birthing her at Birth Center Stone Oak was truly one of the most life changing experiences and my baby was the biggest blessing that I didn’t even know I needed! My midwives helped me through my only natural labor and because of them I will never labor anywhere else. I appreciate the compassion and love I felt there and am just so honored to have met the wonderful staff at Birth Center Stone Oak!

Shonda Denee , 2017

We came to Birth Center Stone Oak for our 4th baby after learning our city didn’t have a birthing center. I had always wanted a water birth experience and felt if we had to drive 45 minutes we would see if it were a possibility. We found two birthing centers, but once we stepped into Birth Center Stone Oak and met Joi the choice was obvious. 41 weeks of love and support and now 9 months later the midwives and Diane are all still like family to us. I tell all my pregnant friends to check them out. If we are blessed with another one I wouldn’t even consider having our baby any where else. Such a blessing to have been a part of this family. Truly my favorite birth experience of all. Birth Center Stone Oak is truly amazing. We love you Joi and Julie! (and everyone else)

Stephanie Gray, 2017

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to be the one who called the shots in my pregnancy, birth, and delivery. I wanted to avoid unnecessary interventions and have unwavering support from my medical team. I got this and so much more from the ladies at Birth Center Stone Oak. They each supported me wholeheartedly from the moment I walked through the door, down to our last postpartum checkup. And honestly, my midwife Robin still makes herself available to me when I have random questions about women’s health and breastfeeding. I have built relationships with these women that I hope will last many many years. They also helped to dispel fears that my fiancée had about birthing outside a hospital. Not only did they support mama and baby, but dad, too. We all felt the love and genuine heartfelt care that they provided. A huge part of me can’t wait to be pregnant again just so I can once again see these ladies on a regular basis. We love Birth Center Stone Oak!!!

Ann Marie Shoemaker, 2017

They saved my wife’s birth!

Keith Peterson, 2017
My husband and I wouldn’t change a thing about the birth of our first child, our daughter, here at Birth Center Stone Oak. From the very early weeks of pregnancy, through the weeks after delivery, we had so much love and support and advice from everyone here. I always knew I wanted a home birth, and my husband couldn’t fathom having a baby outside of a hospital until we came here together and he had his eyes opened to the wonderful compromise that is a free standing birth center! (Now, he is a believer! LOL). My baby is strong and healthy and hearty, and I really believe that her good health stems from going back to the basics, and having a natural birth, instead of being in a hospital, surrounded by panicky doctors, drugs/medications, and illness. (Hospitals are for people who are sick!!) I felt so empowered, so proud of my body and what it could accomplish. I love that everyone at Birth Center Stone Oak was just as excited for us as our loved ones were. These ladies really are a huge source of knowledge and encouragement. I never once felt that they were incapable of caring for us as a mother-baby team, or a mommy-daddy team. I am especially glad for the opportunity to use them again this December when baby #2 will be joining us, just in time for Christmas!
Beth Ann McGee, 2017
I came to Birth Center Stone Oak to birth my first vbac after 2 cesareans after being told my body “just couldn’t birth”. I DID IT!!!!!! Almost a full 42 weeks but I did it with yall’s help bringing my sweet beautiful surprise gender third boy earthside. I still can’t thank you all enough for believing in me and helping me! He’s turning 3 next month and I still can’t believe it!!! Thank you guys!
Amanda Dittman, 2017

We were in a bind with our planned 3rd home birth, and our midwife Robin said we could deliver at the Birth Center Stone Oak if necessary- and it was! Although the delivery was very fast, we loved the peacefulness of the postpartum care. We got tub time, food time, nap time, (no clean up time for the hubby), and family time without the worries of our other children or the scheduling of a hospital. As a bonus for us, Joi attended the birth as she did with our first two! We sure love our midwives.

Brittany Rogers Franklin , 2017

Both Joi and Robin Bean Rabenschlag had a huge impact in mine and my families lives. My mom found Birth Center Stone Oak through the internet all the way in Germany, where she lives, and insisted I check it out. I’m so grateful that I did. They made me believe in myself, the regardless of the struggles life through me, I was strong enough to conquer them all! They were and are more than just amazing midwives to me!! They became family to me, when I had none here, they supported me and encouraged me!! I am forever great film for them!!

Sharonne Desirée Ortiz, 2017

We will always be forever thankful for Birth Center Stone Oak! As one of their first patients that walked through those doors over 4 years ago and then having three beautiful children in their care. We love Joi, Robin, Julie, Diane and all of the staff with our whole hearts! Ps. We need a visit. Miss you ladies.

Tarah Harl, 2017

We had such a wonderful experience at Birth Center Stone Oak, and I’m so grateful we got to welcome our baby girl earthside there. The midwives and staff cared for us like family, from prenatal to postpartum. I hope we will get to meet again in God’s timing!

Barbara Aluia, 2017

Birth Center Stone Oak is such a special place for my family because they accepted & supported us to be who we are. They not only took such loving care of me throughout my pregnancy, but they also showed love to my older son, my husband, my mama & mother-in-law. Every one of them made us feel special, supported & empowered to have the pregnancy & birth we hoped for. I will always have these ladies in my heart.

Felicia Belle Floyd-Wildman, 2017

We chose Joi because of Birth Center Stone Oak, but decided to deliver at home with her help instead. She was an amazing, supportive midwife for my 1st homebirth! We’ve since moved out of the area and had 2 more homebirths, but the first was transformative because of the confidence Joi inspired in me! Our family loves you dear ladies! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to families!

Annie Jackson, 2017

I came to Birth Center Stone Oak at 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and was welcomed with open arms (literally) by Joi and the entire staff. I was nervous and confused after being disillusioned with my 1st (OB/hospital) birth, but every fear I had was dispelled by the midwives’ fierce support and encouragement. I delivered my baby in the tub with such tranquility and zero anxiety. Two years later, I was back for my 3rd, this time starting from day 1. I brought my two toddlers to nearly every appointment and was greeted with warmth and excitement every time. Diane always kept an eye on my girls during my appointments and her love for them was so heartwarming. I once again delivered in the tub, surrounded by skilled and supportive hands and voices. Birth Center Stone Oak helped me bring two healthy babies into the world, and soothed my soul in a way that an epidural never could.

Shelley Warren White, 2017

Our experience with Birth Center Stone Oak was so wonderful, it made me want to have another kid just to be care for and delivered there again! I loved sharing the baby checkups with my young girls, the midwives were so sweet to them and allowed them to be part of the experience by “helping”. I delivered my third baby in the water, in a quiet and peaceful room, with full confidence that my midwives were skilled to identify and treat or advise in case of any complication. I wish I had had my 3 babies here instead of a hospital!

Lizbeth Pye, 2017

I don’t have the words to describe my admiration for these amazing women. My decision to have a medication free water birth was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. From my first visit to aftercare, I have felt at ease. The midwives at the Birth Center took the time to truly get to know me and a bond was forged between us. While my birth turned out to be the perfect storm, Becci and Joi were phenomenal midwives and I don’t know that I would have been able to do it without them. With their help, I accomplished what I set out to do and while it was the hardest thing that I will ever do, I was able to give birth to my beautiful baby girl the way that I had hoped and prayed for.

Natasha Roberts, 2017

I was the photographer for a birth at the Birth Center and Joi was amazing!! She was so tender and comforting to that momma and I was blown away by all she did for her. Actually, truth be told, I am totally jealous that I’m done having babies because I only wish I would have had an experience like this! What an amazing place to bring your precious child into the world. I love how you include the entire family in the birth.

Amanda Russell, 2017

This Birth Center will always have a special place in my heart! I have received a whole new level of respect for midwife care! My appreciation and love goes out to all of the team members there. It put us at ease knowing that breech position is just another way babies come to this earth and that’s exactly what happened! Robin, Julie, Becci, and Joi… thank you for teaching me how to become a true warrior.

Kari Frei, 2017

Simply amazing from first visit to very last. If you want personalized care with knowledgeable midwives who will encourage and educate you at every visit, this is the place.

Jessica Fleming Shopoff, 2017

I am a surgeon and what I really can tell you is that hospital environment wasn’t what I was looking for my wife and baby to experience. Luckily, I found this wonderful place. I have not enough words to thank your kindness, compromise, wisdom and warm heart. Joi is my superhero and her team is simply the best.

Doctorcito Hueso Sano, 2016
I wanted to thank you for taking me on sooo late in the game and let you know what an amazing experience we had! Everything was exactly what I hoped for and went so smooth. Robin and Becci were amazing!! I keep thinking about it and am kind of sad it is all over just because it was everything I have always wanted with a birth! This experience meant so much to me! Thank you so much for making my dreams a reality and for your amazing staff! You guys are awesome!!
Keegan White, 2016
Today Amaya had her last appointment with the midwives since she is now 6 weeks old. I have to say it was bittersweet. While I am thrilled that my daughter is healthy, and growing… I am sad to say goodbye to the midwives at The Birth Center Stone Oak. Every single one of the staff treated my family like FAMILY. Diane at the front desk remembered us by name, and made these anxious new parents feel welcome from the moment we walked into the door. Joi was always honest, straight forward yet caring. Becci reminded me of my strengths, was honest, and was always incredibly patient. She answered all of our questions no matter how goofy they were (Brandon…LOL). Robin was extremely knowledgeable (they all were). Julie I met for the first time on my birthing day, but immediately made this momma in labor feel comfortable and at home. Each and every one of these ladies had a hand in my birthing experience the day Amaya was born, and my family and I will never forget our experience! We have memories that will last a lifetime, and none of them will be forgotten. Thank you for making our birthing experience beautiful.
Shawana Dillard Reisner, 2016
We love everyone at Birth Center Stone Oak so much! We have been clients of the Birth Center since the doors opened in 2012. My first conversation with Joi Brock was on the phone before the doors even opened! Having 3 kids in 3 years have made it seem like home to us. We will miss our MANY visits, but are so Blessed our family is now complete! Birth Center Stone Oak will never get rid of The Harl’s!
Tarah Harl, 2016
Today, as we celebrate Harlee’s first birthday, we just remember what an awesome experience we had with all of you a year ago! Thank you again for making the birth of our baby girl and last child so memorable and perfect! We’ll never forget y’all! Hard to imagine this 22 lb. plus little girl was just 6 lb. 9 oz. one year ago 🙂
Amie Henderson, 2016
Tom and I loved our “Out-of-Hospital” Birth at Birth Center Stone Oak. All of the midwives and staff had a hand in making our experience everything that we could have hoped it would be- a tranquil, sacred moment in time- and in the end we were blessed with an amazing, precious, healthy baby. THANK YOU Birth Center Stone Oak for everything you do!
Courtney Banks Smith, 2016
Everyone at Birth Center Stone Oak is just incredible. Every time we walked in the door Diane made us feel at home. It was incredible to be remembered by name every time we went in since we’d been used to the hospital scene where you are just another name on a sheet. Robin and Joi made us feel like we were the priority and even when the waiting room was full they would take as long as needed during an appointment to make sure we were ok. Our birth was simply beautiful and peaceful. Robin and Joi took care of us both and made sure we had the best experience possible. I’ll never forget Joi telling me when it was time that she wanted me to keep my eyes open so I could see my baby be born. Thank you for that! They gave Paul and I alone time to bond with our baby girl and that was such a blessing as well. Every moment spent with them has been a joy and we will miss our weekly visits…can’t wait until the next time! We love you all!
Emily Metzgar, 2016
My experience was wonderful. The water really helps with relaxing you and easing the pain. If I had more babies I’d choose Birth Center Stone Oak every time‬‬.
Mandie Fuller Cochran, 2015
My experience was wonderful. The water really helps with relaxing you and easing the pain. If I had more babies I’d choose Birth Center Stone Oak every time‬‬.
Mandie Fuller Cochran, 2015
My experience was wonderful. The water really helps with relaxing you and easing the pain. If I had more babies I’d choose Birth Center Stone Oak every time‬‬.
Mandie Fuller Cochran, 2015
We were exactly where we needed to be when we found The Birth Center Stone Oak. The quality of care (and I do mean CARE) is outstanding compared to an OBGYN, where you get 5 minutes with your doctor. At the birth center you get as long as you need, even if it’s an hour, and the midwives are only a text or phone call away at any time. I can’t imagine trying to have a natural childbirth in a hospital setting. What I do know is that, I was in a familiar place where I felt safe, surrounded by people I knew and trusted, and Joi and Robin never left my side through my labor. The result was a gorgeous, healthy 9-pound baby girl.
Jessica Pivonka, 2015
What beautiful women you are! I feel so blessed to have found you. This was my perfect birth – surrounded by strong women who trusted me and my body, who encouraged and loved me every step of the way. I beam every time I share my story and I watch women’s faces light up as they realize it’s a possibility for them too. Thank you for your encouragement, patience and knowledge. All of you will forever hold a special place in my heart. A place and bond that could only be filled by you.
Crystal Brown, 2014
I can’t recommend Joi highly enough! She has a very tender, motherly personality. She is upbeat and bubbly and just has a way of making me feel at ease. She is also easy going and very flexible. She went out of her way to make sure that I was well taken care of. She was available day and night and on the weekends if I needed her.
Jenny Montgomery, 2014
We had our daughter Scarlett Grace Klein on July 7, 2012 at Birth Center Stone Oak and it was the best decision we ever made during the pregnancy. Joi Brock is our midwife that changed our life forever, we are eternally grateful to her. Her compassion, professionalism and love were everything we were looking for in a caregiver. Our birth experience was the most wonderful and magnificent time of our lives because of Joi and her staff.

To give you a little background…we had lost our first child at 27 weeks due to an umbilical cord accident. We were told on numerous occasions that our first pregnancy was a complete accident. However, we were considered ‘high risk’ by our OB and were going to be subjected to many invasive monitoring techniques during the labor that we felt were unnecessary. At 37 weeks we had a disagreement with our OB about the way we wanted to labor and we decided to find a midwife.

We found Joi Brock and Birth Center Stone Oak. After two meetings with Joi to discuss our situation and go over our birth plan we felt positive, encouraged, and safe with our decision to leave the hospital and have our baby at Birth Center Stone Oak. We couldn’t have scripted a better birth for our daughter. As soon as we arrived at the birth center, my husband and I got into the birth tub to have our baby girl, Scarlett. My husband was sitting behind me rocking me in the warm water between contractions. It was so soothing that I was actually able to fall asleep in between the contractions. She was born peacefully and lovingly in the tub and we wouldn’t change a thing. Joi, Robin and Jean monitored the labor in a very noninvasive manner and were very sensitive, positive and caring during the entire labor. We were able to bond with our baby girl immediately after birth and as soon as we felt rested and relaxed, we were able to take our daughter home. The entire experience was so overwhelmingly positive that we can’t imagine having our future children without Joi or Birth Center Stone Oak. Thank you for everything you have done for us!

Michael & Scarlett Klein, 2013
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Delivered our gorgeous baby girl here, and couldn’t have done it without their wonderful staff. A short and simple summary of Birth Center Stone Oak is that it just feels like family 😉 These ladies are talented at what they do!
Annie Mancha-Ramirez, 2014
I have had the best experience with Joi and the Birth Center. I cannot say how much I appreciated the support that I received throughout my pregnancy and after the birth.
Sharon Santo, 2014
Couldn’t have asked for a better team to care for me and support me through my VBAC!
Malorie Hacker, 2013
Today was one of the most incredible days of my life! We welcomed our baby boy, Steven, into the world with a beautiful ALL NATURAL birth at Birth Center Stone Oak! This was a true test of guts and muscles and pain levels and I beat the test and am so proud of myself! I feel like I accomplished something so many women take the easy route out of now a days! Thank you to all who were there and involved! All the help and encouragement throughout labor really helped get me through something I wasn’t sure I could do and now I can say “I DID IT!!”
Stephanie Lerma, 2014
In two words: Amazing Blessing! Best Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum care in town/the world. I can rave about their care of my husband and I during my pregnancy, but really it was the birth and after care that took the cake. Joi and Megan were instrumental while I was laboring, especially during pushing. They coached me with encouragement, excitement and peace. I was in the zone and they were there with me AND my husband! My son was born and I felt like I had more pushes left in me, they were so effective in coaching me. Then after he was born, they took care of me so so well. Helping me wash and walk and being so excited for our boy. After he was born was when Robyn really shined too. She was so skillful and wise when I needed stitches, and help nursing and instruction for when we went home. I also needed them everyday, multiple times a day for the first two weeks of my son’s life and they were always there! They answered my phone calls or texts (numerous ones) on any little thing, even on Sunday. [They] let me come by and have them take a look and they came to my house for the 24-hour follow up visit. So encouraging and strong. Invaluable service. You must birth there. I cannot talk about how great my experience was with Joi and her team! I would be happy to chat about more specifics with anyone who is considering hiring Birth Center Stone Oak for their pregnancy and birth care.
Christin Seed, 2013